Friday, October 16, 2015

October , 2015 Meeting

Our Meetings Start at 9:30 am.  Our Winter Season has started! 91 people are here.

Activity Office
1.  Oct. fest: Winter Ranch - Tickets on sale at the activity office. $5.00 per person.  the 16th is the
      last day to purchase the tickets.

2.  Rick and Brenda Watts will not be our kitchen coordinators this year.  We need volunteers for the
      kitchen.    Please stop by the activity office to sign up if interested.

3.  Each organization will be responsible for any dinners they decide to hold.  The activity office will
     purchase the food from the vendor but will not be responsible for the preparation, serving, clean
     up.  The activity will be responsible for their own dinners.

4.  Volunteers are needed to thoroughly clean the kitchen and pantry. This will take place on Oct.

5.  Nov. 11, Veterans Day celebration.  Vets eat free and everyone else will purchase tickets. $6.00.
     Tickets will be on sale Oct. 26-Nov 6.  11 am.

Office Info

1.  Doggy Walk  Please make sure your dog(s) are on a leash. The dog walk will be sprayed for fleas,
      etc.  Remember to bring in your current vacination papers to the office to be on file.

2.  Speed limit is 10 mph. Please watch your speed throughout the resort.

3.  Our office hours are now 8-5 Mon. - Friday; Sat 8-5 and Sunday is 12-4. 

4.  Big thank you to our summer greeters who helped out at the gate.  They helped with vacations and
    other days as needed.

5.  Lot improvements need to be ok by the management.  If you improve your site with out having the
     ok, it is subject to being removed.

 As a Reminder:  During the summer we worked on the drainage ditches for better drainage. On Trophy Gardens Drive, and the corners of Winners Circle and Titleist, the drainage dips are deeper than your used to.  So please be careful when crossing the dips.  They are marked with yellow paint and signs.  The speed limit is now  10 mph.

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