Friday, August 28, 2015

New Blacktop

The 3 spots where we paved are the entrance, Olympic Drive and  and and the front third of Titleist.

As a reminder,  this is a 3 year project and at the end of next season we will be doing more of the resort until the Resort is completed.

The resort is really looking Great.  Can't wait for your return this season to see it all!
Safe Travels.

Monday, August 24, 2015

August Update

Happenings at the Gardens:

  • The blacktop company is here preparing some of the roads for new blacktop.  The roads getting done this year is the main road leading into the resort, Champion Parkway, Olympic Drive, and part of Titleist.  This is a 3 year plan for the roads.  Next summer we will have several more done.
  • Core Communication is here putting in equipment for WIFI. This is a process and hope to have it all installed and running by Oct.
  • The Efficiency Apartments are being updated with new paint, curtains, and furniture where needed.
  • The large hall is getting new blinds and curtains.  The new  "Cafe Trophy" canopy is up and the lights were changed to blue. The kitchen is freshly painted. The activity office is painted and updated.
  • Our new Activity Directors are in place and getting ready for the upcoming season.
  • Alicia, and Frances is about completed with all the floor waxing.  The bathrooms in the main hall are closed this week so the floors can be waxed and cleaned thoroughly.
Have an awesome day

Friday, August 14, 2015

New Pickle Ball Court

Pickle Ball is coming to trophy gardens this season!  We have had many inquiries from interested residents and people looking to stay with us.  So we put in one court.  If we find it goes over big, next year we will put in a second one.  Bring your equipment if you have been playing over the season!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Trophy Gardens RV Special for October

If you are new to the Wilder RV Resorts, come and stay with us the month of October 2015 at 50 % off the rental fee!

Daily and weekly rates include electricity: $19.50 Daily or $121.50 weekly through Oct.
Oct. Monthly  Rate $305.5 not including electricity

Call now to make your October reservations. 956-787-7717

Normal rates are: $39.00 daily; $243.00 weekly and 611.00 monthly