Friday, June 12, 2015

Update on Happening at Trophy

Just announced today, CORE Business Solutions, McAllen will be installing our Resort wide WiFi.  You will be able to get WiFi at your site.  It will take 30-45 days to complete the installation for the equipment.  They will be working on a regular basis until the project is complete.  When our residents come back in the fall they will be able to enjoy having WiFi at their location.
Lynn and JD are back in the resort after being away for a month.  The weather was not good, and they had some minor issues with the motorhome, they are glad to be back at Trophy Gardens.
Summer Projects:
The Resort is looking good.  We have had a lot of rain since the residents left this spring.  The Resort is green, green, green.  The maintenance crew is trying to keep up with mowing.
The fenced dog run is in and the summer residents are enjoying the "off leash" run. We will be spraying the dog run for bugs starting Wed. 6/17th.  The leashed run will be first, then the fenced/front run and the back row will be last.  Please do not use the run while they spray and 2 days following.  Leashed run, 6/17-19, fenced/front run 6/22-24, and back run 6/24-26. 
We continue to trim the trees as we see branches hanging over units.  Do to some of the storms we have had to remove a few, and our palm trees are being trimmed.  New shrubs were planted in front of the rentals and mulch applied to keep them.  They really look nice.
That is all to report for now.  Keep checking.  We will update you as things happen.
Have a great summer. See you when the Season Starts Again.