Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Meeting, 4-21-2015

Presently we have 133 residents at Trophy Gardens.

Information Presented:

  • Get-To-Gathers:  Memorial Day will be hosted by Winter Ranch.  Please bring a dish to pass and the meat will be cooked by WR.  A miniumal cost for each person. 4th of July will be hosted by Trophy Gardens and we are not sure about Labor Day.
  • The activity calendar is posted below.  It will change as we get new information.  Once we fianlize next months activities we will have printed ones by the activity office.
  • Summer Volunteers:  Thank you for your time.  We need you to help run the dances throughout the summer.  Please continue to volunteer - without you we can't do what we do.
  • We will be putting up new stop signs where needed and replacing old ones that no longer can be seen.
  • Our new weekend Reservationists for the Winter season will be Jean and Charlie Bezio.  They were with us for several years and didn't come back last year.  Welcome Jean and Charlie!
  • If you have information and pictures to put on the blog, please send them to us.  We would like to have them.  
  • Dinner out of the Park:  We are starting our out of park dinners starting next Wed. at 4:00pm.  Meet at the north door to caravan.  This week we will be going to New York Deli on the corner of 10th and Dove - across the street from Lowes.  Please sign up on the activity board so we know how many will be going.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Community Service

Our residents are so giving.  Alamo and the surrounding area are blessed by all the giving Trophy Gardens provides.  Many residents volunteer in the community throughout the year.  Beyond that, during the season we have crocheting/knitting and quilting groups who make items to give to different organizations.  Also our Caring For Others group distribute food to families

The Happy Hookers (knitting, crocheting group)

  • 40 Sweaters
  • 100 Baby Caps
  • 50 Afghans
Quilting Groups
  • 185 Quilts
Caring For Others
Caring For Others fund raise throughout out the season and purchase food twice a season to donate to families in need.  This season they feed over 130 families.