Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Merry Christmas Everyone,

The office will close at 2:00 pm on Christmas Eve, and closed on Christmas day.  We will be back to our normal hours for the weekend.

Please note that our email has changed. Our new email is for general questions; to reach the management team.

IF you are having Christmas dinner at the hall.  Please bring your table listing to the Activity Office so you can be reimbursed for the meat your having at your table.  It is $1.00 per resident.  We will need it by Jan. 8th to be reimbursed.

This is the time many of you have family visiting, per Trophy Garden Policy, no one under 18 years old should be driving golf carts in Trophy Gardens.  Please don't  allow grandchildren run in the pool area.  Grandchildren under 4 aren't to be in the pool and children under 13 are not to be in the spas.

Thank you for following the  policies and have a great time with visiting family and friends!

Have a Blessed Christmas!

JD and Lynn

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Week of Dec. 7, 2015

The Agency is playing at our Saturday night dance, 7:00 pm $8.00.

We currently have 374 residents.  Each day we get more Winter Texans checking into Trophy Gardens.

The roof is being replaced as I type this so please be careful where you park your car in the lot.  The roofing company has an area blocked off where they are working. It should be done by the weekend.

The weather is currently sunny and warm.  Lots of people at the pool!

The bus is going to the mall tomorrow for all the residents who want to shop.  There is room on the bus if you want to go.

Have a great weekend.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Festivities Schedule

2015-2016 Halloween Festivities Schedule
8:30-9:00 AMPumpkin Dessert Contest – Bring to WR Kitchen.  Baked goods must serve at least 12.  Desserts will be served at the Potluck. (Categories:  Cake, Pie, Cookie or Bars and Other)
9:00 AMGolf Tournament
10:00 AMJudging of Pumpkin Dessert Contest – Friendship Hall
10:30 AMScavenger Hunt – Meet in Friendship Hall for directions.  Prizes to be awarded.
12:30 AMPotluck.  Bring your own table service and a dish to share.  Keep in mind that we may have enough desserts through the Pumpkin Dessert Contest.  Iced Tea and Coffee will be provided.
2:30 PMBean Bag Baseball to see who wins the coveted Squash Trophy.  Winter Ranch vs. Trophy Gardens – the Competition Continues!
5:00 PMGolf Cart Parade (both parks) starting at our Friendship Hall
7 – 10 PMHalloween Dance and Costume Contest at Trophy Gardens

Thursday, October 22, 2015

October 20, 2015 Resort Meeting

Pastor Hardy  Nov 11, 2015 Veteran's Day celebration.  All Veterans eat for free.  Everyone else can purchase tickets through the Activity Office.  Cost $6.00 Tickets on sale to Nov. 6th in the Activity Office.
Teddy Bear Sunday  Please bring teddy bears for our "teddy bear" service.  They are donated to children for Christmas.

Activity Office Fundraiser for PSJA Memorial HS Choir.  Community Service Project we are having a Potluck with a Dessert Auction.  Proceeds from the Auction will be donated to the choir for their Spring trip to New York.  See Activity Office for details.
Quilts of Valor 10-21, the McAllen Quilting Guild will be using the hall to sew quilts for our Valley veterans.  Stop by to help or see the quilts they will be putting together.
 Garden Club meet every Wednesday at 8:00.  See Brenda or Rick for further info.
Euchre has started.  1 pm on Mondays.
Line Dancing will start on Friday mornings 11/27/2015 at 9:00 am.  Cost is $2.00 per session.  New dances will be taught each week and review of old dances.

Main Office  Name Badges, please wear your name badges when you are in the common areas and the golf course.  It is important to identify our residents and it helps our new residents to get to know people.
WIFI As the new equipment is being installed the WIFI will be un-protected/without a password.  The repeaters are being installed and we should be live on Nov. 1
Our Team is all here. We have great people working the main office and the activity office.  Stop by and visit with them.

Currently we have 110 residents.  Each day brings more of our residents back to us.  If you are on the road safe travels!

Friday, October 16, 2015

October , 2015 Meeting

Our Meetings Start at 9:30 am.  Our Winter Season has started! 91 people are here.

Activity Office
1.  Oct. fest: Winter Ranch - Tickets on sale at the activity office. $5.00 per person.  the 16th is the
      last day to purchase the tickets.

2.  Rick and Brenda Watts will not be our kitchen coordinators this year.  We need volunteers for the
      kitchen.    Please stop by the activity office to sign up if interested.

3.  Each organization will be responsible for any dinners they decide to hold.  The activity office will
     purchase the food from the vendor but will not be responsible for the preparation, serving, clean
     up.  The activity will be responsible for their own dinners.

4.  Volunteers are needed to thoroughly clean the kitchen and pantry. This will take place on Oct.

5.  Nov. 11, Veterans Day celebration.  Vets eat free and everyone else will purchase tickets. $6.00.
     Tickets will be on sale Oct. 26-Nov 6.  11 am.

Office Info

1.  Doggy Walk  Please make sure your dog(s) are on a leash. The dog walk will be sprayed for fleas,
      etc.  Remember to bring in your current vacination papers to the office to be on file.

2.  Speed limit is 10 mph. Please watch your speed throughout the resort.

3.  Our office hours are now 8-5 Mon. - Friday; Sat 8-5 and Sunday is 12-4. 

4.  Big thank you to our summer greeters who helped out at the gate.  They helped with vacations and
    other days as needed.

5.  Lot improvements need to be ok by the management.  If you improve your site with out having the
     ok, it is subject to being removed.

 As a Reminder:  During the summer we worked on the drainage ditches for better drainage. On Trophy Gardens Drive, and the corners of Winners Circle and Titleist, the drainage dips are deeper than your used to.  So please be careful when crossing the dips.  They are marked with yellow paint and signs.  The speed limit is now  10 mph.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Russell Cropp has stepped down from chairing/calling bingo at Trophy Gardens.  Thank you Russell for your years of volunteering with this activity. If any of our residents would like to step up and chair this activity please stop by the activity office and let Marilyn/David know.  We would like to keep bingo as an activity for our residents. Without a chair person we will have to cancel bingo for the season.  The activity office number is 956-783-1003

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sept. 29th meeting

1)  The official start of our season is Oct. 1st.  We have 63 residents currently.

2)  WIFI is progressing right along.  The fiber-optic is in and the main equipment is installed.  Tests show it is up and working.  The next step is installing the satellite/poles.  It should be up and running on Nov. 1st to all the residents.

3)  Activity Office is working on schedules and room assignments for all the activities.  Outside each room is a Sign so our new residents will know what the rooms are called.  Looking at the schedule, the activity room (large card room)  is not being used consistently with planned activities.  The sewing/quilting room is not going to be used for cards or other activities any longer.  That room is strictly for sewing. The new monitor displays all events happening in the resort and the bulletin boards is another form of communication. The loft is being updated so the residents can take full advantage of that space.  Table and chairs are being placed in the area.  The bus is on the road.  3 trips are scheduled for Oct.

4) Rentals are continued to be updated.  Those renting the apts. will enjoy some new furniture peices, freshly painted.  Some have new chairs.

5)  As a Reminder:  During the summer we worked on the drainage ditches for better drainage. On Trophy Gardens Drive, and the corners of Winners Circle and Titleist, the drainage dips are deeper than your used to.  So please be careful when crossing the dips.  They are marked with yellow paint and signs.  The speed limit is now  10 mph. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Picasa Web for Pictures

I have put some pictures on;       
Web Albums - Trophy Gardens.    

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

2015 Trophy Gardens Reunion

Want to know what some of our residents are doing this summer?  They are at the Trophy Gardens Reunion in Boulder Junction, Wisconsin.  It goes from September 14-18, 2015.  Safe travels everyone!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 15th Meeting

September News:

  • Over 200 residents are enjoying the Reunion in Wisconsin.  Many will be returning to Trophy Gardens after the Reunion is over.
  • Radio plane flying will no longer be done in the large hall.  It is a liability issue.  The group is welcome to fly their planes outside by doggy row and or by the golf course.
  • This weeks Wed. dinner out of the park will be at Big Daddys at 4:00 pm
  • WIFI lines are being laid this week.  The equipment will be installed within the next couple of weeks and testing will then be done.
  • We have all the pickleball equipment to start playing.  If you have your own equipment bring it along to play.
  • Goody bags should be ready by Oct. 1.  We will be handing them out as soon as they are ready.
  • Within the next couple of weeks the pool will be painted.  We will let you know what days it will be closed.  Winter Ranch pool will be available when ours is closed.
  • We may have a couple of bus trips in Oct.  The details are still being worked out.
Safe travels!

Friday, August 28, 2015

New Blacktop

The 3 spots where we paved are the entrance, Olympic Drive and  and and the front third of Titleist.

As a reminder,  this is a 3 year project and at the end of next season we will be doing more of the resort until the Resort is completed.

The resort is really looking Great.  Can't wait for your return this season to see it all!
Safe Travels.

Monday, August 24, 2015

August Update

Happenings at the Gardens:

  • The blacktop company is here preparing some of the roads for new blacktop.  The roads getting done this year is the main road leading into the resort, Champion Parkway, Olympic Drive, and part of Titleist.  This is a 3 year plan for the roads.  Next summer we will have several more done.
  • Core Communication is here putting in equipment for WIFI. This is a process and hope to have it all installed and running by Oct.
  • The Efficiency Apartments are being updated with new paint, curtains, and furniture where needed.
  • The large hall is getting new blinds and curtains.  The new  "Cafe Trophy" canopy is up and the lights were changed to blue. The kitchen is freshly painted. The activity office is painted and updated.
  • Our new Activity Directors are in place and getting ready for the upcoming season.
  • Alicia, and Frances is about completed with all the floor waxing.  The bathrooms in the main hall are closed this week so the floors can be waxed and cleaned thoroughly.
Have an awesome day

Friday, August 14, 2015

New Pickle Ball Court

Pickle Ball is coming to trophy gardens this season!  We have had many inquiries from interested residents and people looking to stay with us.  So we put in one court.  If we find it goes over big, next year we will put in a second one.  Bring your equipment if you have been playing over the season!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Trophy Gardens RV Special for October

If you are new to the Wilder RV Resorts, come and stay with us the month of October 2015 at 50 % off the rental fee!

Daily and weekly rates include electricity: $19.50 Daily or $121.50 weekly through Oct.
Oct. Monthly  Rate $305.5 not including electricity

Call now to make your October reservations. 956-787-7717

Normal rates are: $39.00 daily; $243.00 weekly and 611.00 monthly

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Email address Change

We have a new email address for the resort.  It is, Please make a change in your address book of the new address.  I will leave the gmail address active for the next 2 weeks.  After August 15, 2015 the only one we will be using is to send to the managers, or for general questions and/or commnets.


Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer Update:

We are moving right along with getting the resort ready for your return!  This is some of the projects going on:

  • The large hall is just about complete with painting and re-decorating.  The lobby is done, the men's bathroom is getting painted and updated. A new roof is on the entrance area.  New flags are ordered and will be flying when you get here. The exterior of the bldg/trim is painted. JD is installing new lighting around the new canopy as I type this.
  • The pool deck will be painted in Sept.  We will be using the paint formulated for around the pool/non-slip.
  • The rentals will be updated with new paint, curtains/bedding, end tables, and freshly cleaned for the winter arrivals.  As the season progresses we will be adding ceiling fans and a new light fixture over the desk area.
  • The end of August we will be getting new black top in some areas.  Not all streets will be done the this year.  There is a 3 year plan for road completion in all Wilder parks.
  • Basic wifi will be provided throughout the resort.  If you see strange people walking around during business hours, they are working on the wifi.
  • The dog area has expanded to include the front streets of Blue Ribbon, Winners Circle, and Grand Prize,  along with all of Gold Cup, and all of Titleist. 
  • This means you can walk your pet in the streets to the doggy walk, or for exercise.  They are not allowed on residents lots unless invited.  And you need to clean up after them.  They must be leashed at all times
  • The speed limit is now 10 mph throughout the resort.  And new signage is up as needed.  Some new stop signs have been added too.
The weather continues to be in the 90's with no chance of rain.  What was beautiful and green is starting to turn brown.  We are hoping for rain in the future to keep everything green.  The pond is full of water on the golf course.  We have 36 ducklings enjoying the water.  3 very healthy foxes are living in the back forty, and of course we have rabbits.  Life is good at Trophy Gardens!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Well howdy to All
There are 5 places that can see pictures, they are
Trophy Gardens Blogger
Face Book
Face book & Google+, are the 2 you can post with a comment on the Albums also;the others you have to go to each picture. 
So if you want to see them can go to any of them.
Debra is going to try & get all pictures in all places.
Blogger, Google+, Picsas, are all a Google & G mail accounts, so pictures will be at them at same time. 
Yesterday I posted about the Happy Hour, Debra took her camera, guess there was a lot of interesting things to talk about & listen as well. 
Oh, as can tell no pictures are posted any where, camera rite there in front of her & did not pick it up until was time to leave. The remembered she forgot, & a lot had already left the Hall.
Debra has to come to Hall with her laptop so Lynn can show her again how to link, she can at times, but seems to get upside down..... LOL
Pray that all have an Awesome Week End. Beautiful Days


Friday, July 17, 2015

Hey Folks remember this late afternoon is Happy Hour. 
Come enjoy the company of many at Trophy.
Have a Great Day to all.
Sorry is short, but Sweet.

We sure are looking Prettier every day.
Have more pictures to show of different things in the park.
This was taken earlier today

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Attention Trophy Garden Residents:
The water will be turned off Thursday, July 16, 2015, between 7:30-8:00 am due to a water leak.  It will be off most of the morning.  Please call the office with any questions.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Welcome to Trophy Gardens

Welcome to Trophy Gardens Blog!  As 2014-15 season comes to an end, we will be posting this past year's capstone of the season and talking about upcoming events, next season's happenings, and keeping you informed about what is going on throughout the summer.

Keep checking for new entries.


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Paparazzi of Trophy Gardens

Well everyone, if there is something u would like for me to post just let me know.  I have electric for the golf cart, wheels on it, can find what anyone would like or want to see.
Remember I am the; 
Trophy Gardens
I love taking pictures for the park & other places.